Hog Roast

Hog Roasts freshly prepared on site!

All our Spit Roasted Pigs are prepared on-site and served by our fantastic team with apple sauce, stuffing and selection of freshly baked 5” bread rolls. Hog Roasts are cooked fresh on-site for up to  6 1/2 hours by one of our qualified Personality Chefs who will also be on-hand to Serve & Carve to your Guests at a time to suit you, All menus can be customised to suit individual events. Hogs can be replaced with Beef, Lamb or Turkey.



Servings   Price Servings   Price
Up to 70 Guests Mini Hog Roast £550 Up to 70 Guests Mini Hog Roast £300
71 – 120 Guests Standard Hog Roast £650 71 – 120 Guests Standard Hog Roast £350
121 – 200 Guests Large Hog Roast £750 121 – 200 Guests Large Hog Roast £395
INCLUDES Fresh bread rolls, Stuffing, Apple Sauce, Quality disposable plates & Cutlery, Gazebo(weather permitting) 2 Staff members to serve and carve, All clearing up and waste disposed of. INCLUDES This is for a whole cooked Pig or 30/35kg Barrel of pork delivered* hot you just need a table for us to rest it on. We will then give you instruction on how to carve and serve then it’s all yours.*within 25 miles of Danbury charges apply for other areas

ADD A BARBI OPTION (Min 50 guests)

add £5.00 per head BURGER & SAUSAGE BARBECUE: 1/4lb prime beef burger and 2 Butchers Choice Pork Sausages.

add £7.50 per head CHICKEN & RIB BARBEQUE: 2 marinated Chicken Wings and 2 barbeque Spare Ribs


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